For the WOMXN who wants full
 autonomy over her body 

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Womxn have been required to operate in a system created by people who function on a 24 hour cycle (hello patriarchy). But the rhythm of a WOMXN's body is diverse and robust.

Men rise and fall each day while WOMXN ebb and flow the
span of a month. Now how the fuck does that make sense that WOMXN have to mold their genius to fit in the masculine box

It doesn't. 

Here at the Glow we want you to rise to your power utilizing your inherent wisdom within. And we are going to teach you how to do just that.

The Glow Emporium is an inclusive wellbeing resource for all WOMXN.
We love how you identify and you are welcome here...

Unless you are are a white supremacist. If that's the case close this tab and go get some damn therapy. 

A note on why we use the term WOMXN: 
Because men don't belong in WOMXN unless they are invited

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